About Us 


ZAB Technologies is one of the most reputable Information Technology Company in Pakistan, with the motto to solve people’s business challenges with Information Technology Solutions in a creative way.

It promotes the culture of excellence, innovation and vitality in its business processes and services. 

ZAB Tech. prides itself for being a company that is always quick to bring the latest and emerging technologies to its customers. With winning the hearts of over two hundred customer organizations and with a team of three hundred plus employees, every day, Zab Tech. is contributing to the economic and technological advancement of the country by providing Integrated Information Technology Solutions to business organizations, complemented with the largest support services infrastructure in Pakistan and highly competent support personnel.

We are a family of hundreds of certified ICT professionals who have held us together to achieve our joint mission – enhancing the IT infrastructure of Pakistan through implementation of latest technology and provision of top class services. Having worked for almost two decades with the best technology leaders from across the globe, from being one of the leading systems integrates, we have set our footprints in Cloud Technologies. ZAB Technologies has worked with some of the biggest names in telecommunication, government, Financial Services Industry, education and health sectors on some of the most innovative and challenging IT projects.

Our beginning in the year 2000 may have been small, but with the help of our team of qualified and skilled professionals, a clear vision and uncompromising hard work, ZAB Technologies Pakistan emerged as the key player in the IT industry with multiple platinum partners and has one of the largest clientele base in the region.

Technology defines everything we do, and we focus on three major areas, including

  1. Sustainability

  2.  Efficiency

  3.  Economy

With ever-growing IT scope of Pakistan and a large number of hardware and software solutions under our portfolio, we help businesses elevate their efficiency to a whole new level. Our specialization includes but is not limited to system integration, end-to-end IT infrastructure enablement, network and information security, cloud management and services.

Our Vision 

“ To become the number one secure cloud enabler. ”

Our Mission

"To serve our customers with the right technologies and committed services."

Our target has always been and will always remain satisfied customers. Since our clients perform mission critical activities on daily basis, it is essential for us to ensure efficiency in their system and infrastructure through optimum level of support. Thanks to our dedicated team of certified specialists, we have achieved our mission since our inception and we aim to continue achieving it in years to come

Our Values

ZAB Technologies Pakistan has a sustainable business and reputation in the IT market due to its culture and values that have been set forth to achieve our vision and mission. These values have made us a family: The ZAB Technologies Family.

  1. Halal Business Practices.

  2.  Innovation and Excellence.

  3.  Success Through People.

  4.  Alliances and Cooperation.